The WCLAC Bulletin- October 2017
WCLAC concludes four days training for human rights activists on Universal Periodical Review reporting; CEDAW discusses the situation of women in Israel, Kuwait, Kenya and Oman with civil society representatives; WCLAC participates in delegation for Agenda 1325 in New York; Statement by UN Women Executive Director on Women Peace and Security; Scoring goals for women in sport and business; Palestinian women are harassed and humiliated at checkpoints; MADA wraps up two training courses for Palestinian journalists; Unbroken thread to the homeland; A passion for fashion in Gaza; Womenís baseball in Gaza; Womenís Voices in East Jerusalem

Recent Archive
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Publication of the book Palestinian Model Parliament: Towards Legislation based on Palestinian Identity, Progressive Ideals, and Just Content.
Invitation to the book launching ceremony of Palestinian Model Parliament
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