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Women's voices: Manar Q.- House Arrest


Name Manar Q
Age 34
Location Silwan,Jerusalem
Type of Incident  House Arrest 
Date of Incident  1 January 2018

In January 2018, Manar’s 14 year old son was arrested and placed on house arrest for 10 days. The period of house arrest was very difficult for Manar, who was constantly worrying about keeping her son inside the house and making sure that he did not violate the terms of the house arrest, out of fear he would be arrested again. Manar felt like she was the jailer keeping her son in a prison. Manar did not sleep during the period of house arrest. 

“My name is Manar, I’m 34 years old. I live in Silwan village, in the middle of the neighborhood, with my husband and our four children.”

“On Monday 1st January 2018 at around 6:00 PM, my son, Mahdi, who is 14 years old, was arrested in front of our house by three members of the Israeli army.  He was taken to the Israeli police detention office near the post office in Salah al-Din Street, Jerusalem. Mahdi was detained for nearly a week at the Maskobiya detention center.”

“A court hearing was held on 7th January 2018. Mahdi was sentenced to 10 days of house arrest, allegedly for throwing stones and incitement on social media (Facebook). Under the terms of the house arrest, Mahdi was not even allowed to go to school, and we would be fined 2000 shekels if he left the house.”

“The days of house arrest were very difficult. My biggest worry was keeping my son inside the house and making sure he didn’t go out. I felt like I was the jailer who kept him in prison, with the house being the prison. But I did so out of my fear that he could be arrested again.”

“I did not sleep during the period of house arrest. I locked the house door and hid the key so that Mahdi would not be able to find it and get out of the house. I woke up during the night to make sure Mahdi was still in the house. I cried a lot and prayed to God to give us safety and wellness.”

“The days of house arrest were very difficult, like a nightmare. The Israeli army were once in front of the house and Mahdi tried to get out, and as he opened the door one of the soldiers shouted at him and ordered him to go back into the house. I came quickly, thinking that he wanted to arrest Mahdi. I pulled Mahdi towards me and screamed at him, crying and hugging him.”

“Living in this area, I have felt oppressed and a victim of injustice for many years. My family and I have been subjected to numerous violations by the Israeli army, as well as constant beatings and insults by settlers in the neighborhood”

“I feel that the surrounding environment is not safe for my family and I. The verdict that was issued against my son Mahdi is unjust; a child is sentenced to ten days of house arrest,  denied the most basic human right to go to school and practice his activities as a child and a human being”