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Women's Voices: Alma A. - House Arrest

Name  Alma A.
Age 43
Location  Silwan/Sawel Valley
Type of incident House Arrest
Date of incident  18 October 2017

On 18th October 2017, Alma’s son Abdallah was arrested in the middle of the night by Israeli policemen. Abdallah was sentenced to 6 months house arrest, during which time he could not leave his house or go to school.

 “My name is Alma A. I am 43 years old, married and I am the mother of 3 kids. I have lived in Silwan area, Sawel Valley for 6 years.”

“On Wednesday 18/10/2017, at 4:00am, we heard a knock on the door. My husband opened the door to find three Israeli policemen with 10 soldiers and Special Forces personnel behind them. When my husband told me that they have an order to arrest our son, Abdallah, I started crying and screaming.”

“On Wednesday 25/10/2018, Abdallah was sentenced to 6 months of house arrest, meaning he cannot leave the house for a period of 6 months, not even to go to school, in addition to a fine of 10000 NIS in case of a breach.”

“In order to implement the house arrest, I have to make sure that he’s not leaving the house, including not allowing him to practice his right to play football with his friends. This is one of the things that have highly affected Abdallah.”

“My son was under a lot of pressure, and we as a mother and a father were also under constant pressure.”

“We couldn’t leave Abdallah alone by himself at all. I took all of my allowed annual leave in addition to other days at my own cost, just to make sure Abdallah wouldn’t be leaving the house, and this was a huge pressure placed on my work and financially.”

“The hardest situation was when I tried to prevent Abdallah from standing at the front door of our house. He told me: “you want to detain me and make it harder on me”. I’m his mother and my duty is to protect him. It was my obligation to prevent him from going outside, in case he was seen by a policeman or soldiers outside the house. If he was seen, he would be accused of breaking the court’s order, and so he would be fined 10000 NIS, in addition to new charges and the possibility of imprisonment.”