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Women's Voices: Amal F. - Housing demolition


Name Amal F.
Age 18
Location Kufr Aqab/ Jerusalem
Type of incident Notification of housing demolition
Date of incident 14 September 2017

Amal lives in Kufr Aqab and on 14 September 2017 she saw Israeli police outside of her house. The police threatened her and her family if they do not evacuate the building then it will be demolished above their heads. Amal is now terrified she will lose her home.

My name is Amal and I am an 18 year old housewife. I am married and we live together in a detached house on the first floor.

On 14 September 2017, I heard some people outside my house speaking Hebrew. To my terror I saw through the window seven Israeli police dressed in military gear.

I locked my front door and did not open it again. When my husband returned from work he told me the Israelis want to demolish the building because it does not have a license.

A court hearing was set for the 14 October 2017 and my husband went to submit a complaint about it, but the hearing was postponed until 28 February 2018.

On 21 October 2017 the police returned to the building and threatened us that if we do not leave the house then they will demolish it above our heads.

After they left all the residents were left in a state of fear. Where will we go if they demolish our homes?

I am extremely tense about what will happen. My husband and I cannot afford to live in Jerusalem because of the high taxes imposed by Israelis on Palestinians there.