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Women's Voices: Zina E. - Night raid/arrest

Name: Zina E.
Age: 27
Location: Beit Rima, Ramallah, West Bank
Nature of incident: Night raids/arrest
Date of incident: 26 September 2016

On 26 September 2016, 5 Israeli soldiers raid the house of 27 year old mother of two children from Beit Rima at 3:30 a.m. and detain her husband without explanation.  

Zina is a 27 year old mother of two children aged 5 and 1.5 from Beit Rima near Ramallah.
“On 26 September 2016, at around 3:30 a.m., my husband and I woke up to the mobile phone ringing. It was our 27 year old neighbour. She called to tell us her house was raided by Israeli soldiers and that the soldiers were headed towards our house.”
“I panicked and quickly got dressed then I went to my children’s room fearing that they would wake up terrified because their bedroom is located next to the front door. Just as I reached my children’s room, I heard loud banging at the front door. My children woke up horrified; Rama (5) started to cry and I hugged her and tried to calmed her down, my son Nael (1.5) was shivering of fear.” 
“Meanwhile my husband Ashraf (29), answered the door and five Israeli soldiers in full military gear entered the house. The soldiers spread all over the house and were yelling in Hebrew, but I didn’t understand what they were saying. The soldiers didn’t search the house.”
“One soldier started to ask Ashraf questions in Hebrew; they were standing in the living room while I stood with my children by their bedroom’s door. Half an hour later when Ashraf needed to use the bathroom the soldiers did not allow him, when Ashraf insisted, they let him use the bathroom while the door was wide open and one soldier stood in front of the door facing the house.”
“Then the soldiers blindfolded Ashraf and tied his hands behind his back with plastic ties as my children and I watched. My daughter Rama was yelling and crying at the horrifying scene. I hugged her and told her her father will be back soon. The soldiers took Ashraf away without telling me why or where they were taking him.”
“On 28 September 2016, at around 7:00p.m., my father in law received a phone call from an NGO who told him Ashraf was detained for interrogation at Ofer prison, and that his first hearing was scheduled the following day.”
“My father in law attended the hearing but I couldn’t because my mother passed away that same day. Until now we don’t know what Ashraf is accused of.”

“I am very worried about my husband; the house without him is unbearable. Rama asks me when her father will come back home all day long.” 

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