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Women's Voices: Muna O. - Night raid/arrest

Name: Muna O.
Age: 42
Location: El Far'a Camp, Tubas
Nature of Incident: Night raids/arrest
Date of Incident: 6 October 2016

On 6 October 2016, about 21 Israeli soldiers storm into the house of 42 year old woman from El Far’a camp at 3:30 a.m., detain her and her son and later dump her in a deserted area.

Muna is a 42 year old mother from El Far’a camp in the north of the West Bank.
“On 6 October 2016, at around 3:30 a.m., I heard loud banging at the front door. I quickly got up and ran to open the door but before I reached it soldiers kicked the door in and stormed into the house. My son Thaer (22) told me one of his friends had called him earlier and told him soldiers were surrounding our house.”
“About 21 soldiers entered the house; among them were six female soldiers, in full military gear. The minute the soldiers entered the house they started to yell at Thaer and then three soldiers held him against the wall and started to hit and beat him on the face using the back of their guns and their fists. Meanwhile the commander asked me to sit in the living room and prevented me from making any movement.” 
“The remaining soldiers spread in the house; some of them woke my husband up and the rest of our children. I couldn’t see how many soldier entered each room because I was sitting in the living room. However the soldiers didn’t search the house.”
“The soldiers brought the rest of my family members to the living room; my son Mahmoud (2) was shivering of fear, and my daughter Sadeel (8) was terrified and started to cry.”
“The soldiers then tied Thaer’s hands to the back with plastic ties, and arrested him without giving us any written documents. The soldiers left the house and prevented any of us from following them outside, not even saying goodbye to Thaer.”
“About 10 minutes later, I heard loud banging at the front door again. When my husband answered I was shocked to see the soldiers at the door. About 15 soldiers entered the house and the commander asked for me.  I asked what he wanted from me but he ignored me and ordered a soldier to tie my hands to the front with plastic ties. He also ordered him to blindfold me. Then two male soldiers held me from both arms and took me into the military jeep waiting outside.”
“I suffer from shortness of breath, and when I was inside the military jeep I had a seizure and I almost fell unconscious, one soldier helped me with an oxygen mask that they had in the jeep, then I felt better and I started to breathe normally again.”
“The military jeep drove for about 45 minutes. Then the soldiers took me out of the jeep and made me sit on a rock. Then they took the blindfold off. I found my son Thaer sitting next to me; his hands were still tied to the back with plastic ties and his eyes were blindfolded. The soldiers took me and my son to Al Hamra check point near Jericho. The commander asked me to say my name, and when I said my name the soldiers took me back to the jeep. Then the commander called my husband to come and take me back home.”
“Later on, the soldiers took Thaer away and left the place. I was left alone in a remote deserted area. I was scared and exhausted and felt sick and I had to wait for about 45 minutes until my husband arrived and took me home.”
“The following day my husband called an NGO and found out that Thaer was detained at Megiddo prison inside Israel for interrogation. Until now we don’t know anything else about him.”

“This was a terrifying experience. My children find it hard to sleep at night and I constantly worry about my son.”

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