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Women's voices: Faiza S. - House demolition


Name: Faiza S.
Age: 22
Location: Deir 'Ammar, West Bank
Date of incident: 1 February 2016
Nature of incident: House demolition
On 1 February 2016, Israeli soldiers demolish a family’s tent and confiscates the land.
Faiza lives with her family in a tent on land belonging to the village of Deir 'Ammar. They have lived in the 100 square metre tent for 10 years.
“On 1 February 2015, at about 11:00 a.m., a civilian car came to our tent with six Israeli policemen. An official handed be a court order for the demolition of our home.”
“One year later, on 1 February 2016, at about 12:30 p.m., I was sitting with my husband and children inside the tent when two civilian cars, four Israeli military jeeps and two bulldozers showed up. They were accompanied by about 30 soldiers. The commander entered the tent and asked me and my family to leave and stand around 40 metres away.”
“Some soldiers then went inside the tent and brought out some of our smaller items. Larger items of furniture and belongings, such as our refrigerator and washing machine, were left inside. Then a bulldozer started to knock down the tent while we watched. My children began to scream and cry. The soldiers terrified them and now they have trouble sleeping.”
“My husband asked the commander why they were knocking down our tent in the middle of winter and he replied that he was following the court’s order and the land had been confiscated and added to the nearby settlement of Na’ale. An hour later the soldiers left  leaving us homeless and helpless.”
“For the first five nights we stayed with relatives until the Red Cross brought us a small tent. It has been terribly cold in the new tent. My children have become sick. It is really hard to live in these conditions.”

keyword: Property Destruction