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WCLAC Structure

WCLAC is governed by a Board of Directors which is elected every three years by members of WCLAC’s General Assembly.

WCLAC's current Board of Directors was elected on 17 January 2017 and is comprised of the following nine members:

  • Dr. Sahar Qawasmi - Chair of the Board
  • Ms. Hania Bitar - Vice Chair
  • Ms. Samira Huleileh - Treasurer
  • Ms. Fatimeh Muakket - Secretary of the Board
  • Mr. Abdelqader Husseini - member
  • Ms. Lily Feidi - member
  • Ms. Rima Nazzal - member
  • Mr. Fahmi Shahin - member
  • Mr. Za'al Abu Ruqti member

Executive direction of the organisation is led by WCLAC’s General Director, Ms. Randa Siniora who took office in August 2015.