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Women's Voices: Raghad H. - Property destruction
On 29 March 2017, about 100 Israeli soldiers surround the house of 32-year-old mother of 6 children aged 8 to 14 from Silwan and demolish her house without prior notice.
Women's Voices: Hind A. - Property destruction
On 15 February 2017, Israeli authorities hand a demolition order to the family of 58 year old woman from Hizma in East Jerusalem and force them to demolish their house themselves.
Women's Voices: Nihad K. - Property destruction/Jerusalem women
On 15 February 2017, a family in a neighbourhood in East Jerusalem are forced to demolish their own house for lack of a building permit after the authorities threatened to demolish it over their heads if they didnít.
Women's Voices: Shahd Q. - Property destruction
On 25 September 2016, Israeli officials oversee the self-demolition of an annex which belonged to the family of 25 year old woman from Silwan in East Jerusalem.
Women's Voices: Suheir R. - Property destruction
On 19 September 2016, 44-year-old mother from Silwan is forced to demolish the shop she owns after Israeli authorities served her with a demolition order for lack of building permit.
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