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Women's Voices: Aya A - Gaza Women
Aya was diagnosed with cancer when she was 20 years old. The lengthly permit procedures almost prevented her from receiving any treatment in Jerusalem. After overcoming cancer the first time in 2014, she discovered it had returned in 2016. Now her family is planning to move to Turkey for her to get uninterrupted treatment, as her health is deteriorating and the Israeli authorities keep limiting her access to treatment.
Independent Commission of Inquiry-Gaza war
On 22 June 2015, the UN Commission of Inquiry into the war in Gaza published its findings. The Commission found that 2,251 Palestinians and 73 Israelis were killed during the 51-day conflict. The Commission found that 1,462 of the Palestinian fatalities were civilians (65 per cent), including 299 women (20 per cent) and 551 children (38 per cent)
Women's Voices: Nisreen F. - Gaza
On 7 May 2015, a business woman describes the challenges of starting a new business in the Gaza Strip.
Women's Voices: R. - Gaza
On 3 May 2015, a Palestinian Canadian woman describes the difficulties in visiting her family in the Gaza Strip.
Women's Voices: Rima - Gaza
On 28 March 2015, a woman in Gaza explains what effects the war has had on her family.
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