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Women's Voices: Shad Q. - Property destruction
On 25 September 2016, Israeli officials oversee the self-demolition of an annex which belonged to the family of 25 year old woman from Silwan in East Jerusalem.
Women's Voices: Abeer W. - Threat of home demolition
On 20 August 2016, Israeli municipality officials accompanied by the police deliver a warning to Abeer’s family for allegedly building without a permit.
Women's Voices: Ayda T. - Property destruction
On 19 July 2016, Israel forces surround the house of 62 year old widow from Silwan at 4:00am and demolish a shack used by her son as an auto repair shop without notice.
Women's Voices: Shireen H. - Property destruction
On 18 and 19 July 2016, Israeli officials raid the house of 36 year old mother from Silwan multiple times and search it without explanation, push her daughter to the ground and case damage to the furniture, before demolishing an adjacent structure.
Women's voices: Mahira M. - Night raid/arrest
On 17 April 2016, about 22 Israeli soldiers, accompanied by a service dog, raid the house of 50 year old woman from Al’Isawiya in Jerusalem at 2:30 a.m. and deliver an arrest warrant for her son.
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