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Women's Voices: Afaf S. - Night Raid
On 6 February 2017, about 10 masked soldiers raid the house of 45 year old mother from Biddu near Jerusalem and detain her 12 year old son without explanation.
Women's Voices: Manar Q. - Child arrest/Jerusalem women
On 1 December 2016, mother of a 13 year old boy finds out that her son was detained by Israeli police as he walked home from school. He was ater accused of throwing stones and was put under house arrest for 5 days.
Women's Voices: Shireen K. - Family unification
A 31 year old mother of four children still lives with her family in Silwan in East Jerusalem without the necessary documents which the authorities have not issued yet after 15 years of marriage.
Women's Voices: Zahra Q. - Night raid/arrest
On 2 October 2016, Israel police raid the house of 51 year old woman from the Old City in Jerusalem at 1:45 a.m. and detain her for a few hours and later hand her an exclusion order banning her from entering the Mosque.
Women's Voices: Shahd Q. - Property destruction
On 25 September 2016, Israeli officials oversee the self-demolition of an annex which belonged to the family of 25 year old woman from Silwan in East Jerusalem.
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