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The Experience of Personal Status Law in Palestine (2011)
This article sheds light on the Palestinian women's experience with the Personal Status Law and WCLAC's contribution to change the law. The article traces the recent history of women's activist in the field of defending their rights and their contribution in the efforts that aim at the passage of a modern Personal Status Law that meets international human rights standards.
Women's Voices: In the Shadow of the Settlements (2010).
This Report analyses the link between the settlements and the violations of international law and highlight the reality of these human rights violations by presenting the narratives of affected Palestinian women.
Forced Evictions: Impact on Palestinian Women in East Jerusalem (2010)
This Report focuses on East Jerusalem, where many Palestinian women are affected by forced evictions and displacement. It analyses the short and medium term impact of these events on women.
Life Behind the Wall: Voices of women from the Seam Zone (2010)
This Report focuses on the lives of women in the "Seam Zone" and reveals the restrictions on their economic and social lives and highlights the psychological impact of living in isolation in this area.
Voices of Palestinian Women (2009)
This report highlights the human rights abuses faced by Palestinian women and the gender specific impact of the occupation. The report is set within the framework of international human rights and humanitarian law and highlights the gender specific consequences through the testimonies of Palestinian women as told to WCLAC staff.
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