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Jerusalem: A City on Edge (2015)
This report considers the current situation in Jerusalem with reference to testimonies provided by Palestinian women. Issues considered included: residency rights and familiy re-unification; building permits and house demolitions; settler violence and encroachment; police violence, night raids and arrests; and restrictions on the freedom of worship.
Palestinian Women and Inheritance (2014)
This research paper assesses the extent to which Palestinian women enjoy the right of inheritance by reference to international, domestic law and Islamic law. The paper also considers the impediments to inheritance faced by women living in a patriarchal society. The paper concludes by making a number of recommendations.
Jerusalem: A City Divided (September 2014)
This report explores the historical context of the region in order understand the issues facing women living in East Jerusalem today. The purpose is two fold: first, by understanding the past the reader may obtain a clearer picture of what is happening today; and secondly, by reviewing some of the decisions of the past, we may gain a better understanding of how to reach a satisfactory solution.
Women's Voices: Glimpses of life Under Occupation (2012)
This report seeks to illustrate some of the day-to-day challenges faced by Palestians living under prolonged military occupation through the eyes of ordinary women who struggle, on a daily basis, to cope with an extraordinary situation. Issues covered include: night raids; settler and soldier violence; property destruction; East Jerusalem; and Gaza.
Women and the Draft Constitution of Palestine (2011)
This paper provides an extensive gender analysis of the third draft constitution of Palestine which raises important questions over the equality, protection and guarantee of rights for women. The in-depth legal study draws on comparisons with constitutions from the Arab world and beyond, and raises questions over the equality, protection and guarantee of rights for women within the existing draft constitution for Palestine.
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