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Women's Voices: Abeer Q. - Health violation
Abeer’s daughter has suffered from a tumor in her hand for 13 years. After having part of it removed in Jerusalem, her medical travel permit to complete the extraction was denied. Abeer continues to apply, without success.
Women's Voices: Anwar T. - Health violation
Anwar’s five year old daughter has glandular cancer and neuroblastoma. Israel has refused Anwar and her daughter’s travel permits so they cannot complete her daughter’s treatment in Tel Aviv.
Women's Voices: Wasaam A. - Health violation
Wasaam is 29 years old and has been treated for breast cancer. It is vital she makes it to Jerusalem to receive radiotherapy to ensure her cancer does not return, but the Israeli side refuses to issue her permit.
Women's Voices: Fayiza S. - Health violation
Fayiza had malignant breast cancer and needed to receive treatment in Jerusalem after chemotherapy. Because her medical travel permit was denied her cancer has returned to her lung and liver.
Women's Voices: Jameela S. - Health violation
Jameela is a 43 year old mother who discovered a tumor in her frontal sinus in 2016. Israel has not allowed her a permit to receive the treatment she needs in Jerusalem because her name is under security check.
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