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Women's Voices: Nadiya T.- House Arrest
Nadiya’s 13 year-old son was arrested in February 2018 and charged with throwing stones at the Israeli occupation forces. He was sentenced to a period of house arrest for four days, and he could not leave the house or go to school. This was hard on the family; on her son who is a child and on Nadiya herself, especially as she had to take care of her other son who has a disability.
Women's Voices: Niveen G.- House Arrest
In August 2014, Niveen’s son was arrested and imprisoned for three days. Following this, he was sentenced to six months house arrest. The period of house arrest had a negative effect on the entire family, as Niveen and her husband had to accompany her son to school and stay inside with him in the house at all other times. This created tensions between her children, placed pressure on Niveen’s job, and caused Niveen great emotional strain.
Women's Voices: Hanadi Q. - House Arrest
Hanadi’s son was arrested and sentenced to six months house arrest in December 2017. During this period, Hanadi and her husband had to accompany their son to school, and ensure he did not leave the house at any other time. As a result, Hanadi and her family have been placed under immense emotional and financial strain.
Women's Voices: Obeida F.- Arrest
In September 2017, Obeida’s 17 year-old son, Mohammed, was arrested in the middle of the night. He was detained under investigation, and Obeida and her husband were not permitted to visit him. Three court hearings were listed and postponed, and Mohammed remained imprisoned without a fair trial for six weeks.
Women's Voices: Fida Z.- House Arrest
Fida’s son has been arrested and detained many times since he was 11 years old. Nabil is now 16 years old and is currently in prison. His imprisonment has placed huge strain emotionally and financially on Fida’s family.
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