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The WCLAC Bulletin- October 2017
WCLAC concludes four days training for human rights activists on Universal Periodical Review reporting; CEDAW discusses the situation of women in Israel, Kuwait, Kenya and Oman with civil society representatives; WCLAC participates in delegation for Agenda 1325 in New York; Statement by UN Women Executive Director on Women Peace and Security; Scoring goals for women in sport and business; Palestinian women are harassed and humiliated at checkpoints; MADA wraps up two training courses for Palestinian journalists; Unbroken thread to the homeland; A passion for fashion in Gaza; Womenís baseball in Gaza; Womenís Voices in East Jerusalem
The WCLAC Bulletin- September 2017
In this issue:WCLAC puts forth CEDAW shadow report for consideration regarding Israelís sixth period report to the 68th session of the United Nations; WCLAC co-hosts side event during the Human Rights Councilís 36th session in Geneva; WCLAC carries out the annual team building and strategic planning workshop; UNís Open Day event puts women in the centre of the Peace and Security Agenda in Palestine; Palestinian women are shaking up the tech industry; Womenís Voices: On 17 July 2017; So sweet: Italian chefs swap cooking tips with Gazan women; Palestinian women in West Bank break cultural barriers; Saudi Arabia to allow women to drive in major milestone for the country
The WCLAC Bulletin - August 2017
In this issue: WCLAC holds training workshop for staff from partner institutions around West Bank; In Palestineís first One Stop Centre, women survivors of violence feel safe, protected and empowered; New Gaza radio station wants to amplify Palestinian womenís voices; Middle East on a roll to repeal 'marry the rapist' laws; Tunisia takes a big step to protect women from abuse; The Palestinian women's uprising that electrified Jerusalem; Young Girls in the Gaza Strip Flourish Despite Repression; Palestinian girl dies after being struck by settler car; Womenís voices: Israeli forces raid the home of a 54-year-old mother of two and arrest one of her sons without a warrant
The WCLAC Bulletin - July 2017
In this issue: WCLAC contributes to the upcoming universal periodical review for Israel; WCLAC celebrates the launch of Palestinian Model Parliament: Towards Legislation based on Palestinian Identity, Progressive Ideals, and Just Content; Gazan student achieves 99.3% in her high school exams; WCLAC contributes to the UNFPA sub-cluster report on GBV in Palestine; Palestinian women earn sweet money as pastry chefs; A student from Gaza receives top prize in National Geographic International Class photography competition; Twenty-three imprisoned Palestinian women report being assaulted by Israeli prison staff; Palestinian women in East Jerusalem struggling for job integration.
The WCLAC Bulletin - June 2017
In this issue: WCLAC's director participates in a special side-event on Violence Against Women; Ms Dubravka Šimonović presents her report on Violence Against Women; Raghad's account of property destruction; Palestinian women prisoners bolster resistance; Adoption of UN resolution is a victory for Palestinian women and their rights; Living under policies of colonisation in Jerusalem; Meet Palestine's youngest female mayor; Israels Occupation: 50 years of dispossession; Rudaina fights for disabled people's rights; Palestinian cuisine is more than what's on the plate; A defiant remembrance of Kafr Qasem's dead.
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