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The WCLAC Bulletin - June 2013
In this issue: emergency women’s shelter in the Jordan Valley re-opens following extensive renovations; WCLAC’s volunteers’ programme coordinator talks about the work WCLAC does in Khirbet Ghuwein in the South Hebron Hills; a mob of settlers from Suseya attack a group of children on their way to school, injuring one girl in her eye and terrifying others.
The WCLAC Bulletin - Apr 2013
In this issue: WCLAC lawyer describes archaic alimony laws in Palestine and ideas for reform. A mother describes the day Israeli soldiers came to her home in the West Bank and took her 15-year-old son without saying why. The boy was held for seven days, three in solitary confinement, in Al-Jalame interrogation centre inside Israel. “When he first got home I could see his hands trembling”, says his mother. And a good-news story from Gaza.
The WCLAC Bulletin - Feb 2013
In this issue: WCLAC experiences an 80% increase in the number of women seeking counselling services and the inherent discrimination in the Palestinian custody law considered. Also a mother describes the day a mob of Israeli settlers attacked her village causing terror.
The WCLAC Bulletin - Nov 2012
In this issue: Dramatic escalation in violence between Israel and Gaza leaves 103Palestinian civilians dead, including 13 women. Also in this issue Five Palestinian women from Gaza tell stories of horror about their lives during the recent assault on Gaza. Finally, On 29 November, 72% of the UN General Assembly voted on upgrading the status of Palestine to “non-member observer state”.
The WCLAC Bulletin - Oct 2012
In this issue: new WCLAC report – Women’s Voices: Glimpses of Life Under Occupation; Israeli newspaper Haaretz published disturbing results of a survey which reveals that “most Israeli Jews would support an apartheid regime in Israel"; and a mother from East Jerusalem talks about her experience as she watches her 16-year-old son beaten by Israel forces in the Old City.
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