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The WCLAC Bulletin - June 2017
In this issue: WCLAC's director participates in a special side-event on Violence Against Women; Ms Dubravka Šimonović presents her report on Violence Against Women; Raghad's account of property destruction; Palestinian women prisoners bolster resistance; Adoption of UN resolution is a victory for Palestinian women and their rights; Living under policies of colonisation in Jerusalem; Meet Palestine's youngest female mayor; Israels Occupation: 50 years of dispossession; Rudaina fights for disabled people's rights; Palestinian cuisine is more than what's on the plate; A defiant remembrance of Kafr Qasem's dead.
The WCLAC Bulletin - May 2017
In this issue: WCLAC lodges a submission with the UN; Three women elected as Presidents of local council; Voices of women from Jerusalem; Starving with their sons; 'Diary by Fida Jiryis; Commemorating the Nakba; The journey of a Palestinian cancer patient; 'I Belonged Nowhere': A Story of Displacement; Memories of the Nakba from those who survived it; Afro-Palestinian poet on the Power of Writing.
The WCLAC Bulletin - April 2017
In this Issue: Randa Siniora: “We need to change the rules of the game. The feminist work of changing power relations is more urgent now than ever”; A landmark judgement in the case of Suha Al Deek; Lebanon to repeal gender discrimination rapist law as an example for neighbouring countries; Oldest Palestinian woman dies at the age of 109; Men and women in joint hunger strike against the inhumane conditions in Israeli prisons; Stitching Palestine; Documentary sews Palestinian narrative through women’s eyes; Daughter of Palestinian prisoner: “It’s my right to see you”; Voices of women from Jerusalem; “My mother thought I was crazy, and she was probably right”;
The WCLAC Bulletin - March 2017
WCLAC delivers oral statement at the 34th session of the Human Rights Council – On 20 March 2017, WCLAC’s Program Director delivered an oral statement on behalf of WCLAC during the General Debate under Item 7 at the 34th session of the Human Rights Council in Geneva. WCLAC’s statement
The WCLAC Bulletin - February 2017
Amnesty International released its annual report providing an overview of the state of human rights around the world - The Amnesty International Report 2016/2017 covers human rights concerns during the 2016 calendar year and includes a section on Israel and the occupied Palestinian territory. The report
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